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Walking Street Pattaya – The Party Zone

Being the biggest and most popular nightlife area in Thailand, Walking Street Pattaya is always busy every night with partygoers crowd that came from all over the world. This place features a full kilometer of area with all kinds of nightlife entertainment venues on both sides, from restaurants and beer bars to various nightclubs and gogo bars.

People come to this area with various intentions, the most common one is of course to party, but there are also many visitors that come to Walking Street Pattaya just to look for Pattaya girls or even Pattaya ladyboys for a private kind of party. Just like any other nightlife center all over the world, Walking Street also has its dark side, that’s why it’s also known as one of the Pattaya prostitution hubs.

Walking Street Pattaya is truly a piece of heaven for single guys, there is just so much to see and do, as well as of course so many beautiful girls they can meet. Stretching from Soi 14 to Soi 16, this street is so densely packed that even if you spend a whole week exploring nightlife venues in this area, you can still be finding new places to explore.

Below are some of the sexiest Pattaya bars can be found in Walking Street area.

What’s Up Agogo

This is one of the most expensive clubs in the area, but the experience it offers really worth the cost, that’s why even though expensive it remains to be among the most popular clubs on Walking Street. It has a great layout, great music and fantastic shows. That combination makes this club always full of partygoers even during low season.

What’s Up Agogo has so many beautiful girls whether as hostesses or dancers, that’s why sometimes it’s also referred to as What’s Up Playgirls. One of the most notable things that make this club stands out from the rest of the similar venues on Walking Street is the layout of the stages. Unlike most go go bars that usually have one central stage and tiered seating around the stage, in this club there are four smaller stages spread in a large room with 6-8 dancers performing on each stage.

Another great thing about this club is that the music is not too loud, so it’s really comfortable if you want to have a conversation with the girls.


The Iron Club

Most popular for being a go go bar that has the most fantastic interactive shows. The layout design also makes this club quite attractive, since it gets the visitors much closer to the action as compared to the stages in other clubs. The building itself has a really unique shape, which is quite narrow but really long. A sequence of stages can be found along the length. Surrounding these stages are seats that put the visitors very close to the action.

The beautiful dancers are definitely the main attraction of this club, because they’re not just beautiful and sexy, but also very talented. They are not simply shaking their bodies randomly while wearing some sexy outfits like in many other go go bars, but these girls actually have skills!

The prices in this venue is also a bit higher than most venues on Walking Street, but with everything it has to offer no one seems to complain about it. The girls here are also known to be really friendly to visitors, it won’t take long for a girl to come to you after the moment you sit down. But these girls are also known to be very actively asking for a lady drink that will cost you about 155 Baht.

Pattaya Girls
Pattaya Girls


Sweethearts Agogo

If you want to spend time in a great club with cheaper drinks, then Sweethearts Agogo is a perfect choice. This place offers a very friendly atmosphere with welcoming staff and owners. The great thing is as said earlier, the price for the drinks in this place are relatively cheap when compared to other clubs in the area.

It doesn’t feature extreme naughtiness like most go go bars, the girls are also not pushy, so it’s really a comfortable place to hangout. But it still has lots of beautiful girls, with relatively cheap lady drinks and small bar fine if you want to take her out.

If you can come early around 8:30 to 9:30 pm you will get the benefit of happy hour and get even cheaper drinks from just 65 Baht for draught beer, soft drinks and house spirits.

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