Pattaya Girls

Some Precautions About Pattaya Nightlife

Pattaya Girls

Even though popular as being the world’s largest ‘Red District’, Pattaya Thailand surprisingly has some really strict laws regarding prostitution. Anybody who is caught having a sexual transaction could actually face heavy penalties from severe fines to imprisonment. These laws even more enforced when there are minors involved.

Besides being cautious with the laws of Pattaya prostitution, you should also be aware of the prostitutes. If you’re not careful with your belongings, there’s always a chance that you can be a victim of theft. Always remember that these Pattaya girls are doing what they do because they need money, so while they might seem nice and friendly, some may always try to find a chance to get their hands on your valuables.

Picking Up

There are several nightlife spots in Thailand Pattaya known for its prostitution, like Walking Street Pattaya or Soi 6 Pattaya. In these locations, prostitutes are so easy to find in go go bars or beer bars, in fact you don’t have to look to hard to find them, just as you walk along the street they will call and flirt with you trying to invite you in their venue.

These prostitutes are mostly bar girls who work in beer bars or go go bars in adult entertainment districts in Pattaya. What appears from the outside, these girls are just making money from commissions on lady drinks that the guests buy them, but the truth is the biggest portion of their income actually comes from selling sex.

However, if you happen to find a girl that you like and want to pick her up, make sure the money exchange is done discreetly, because as said above, prostitution is illegal here and you could get arrested.

Another very important thing to remember when picking up a girl is to verify her age. Getting involved in a prostitution transaction with a minor will turn your naughty holiday into hell, because the authority can put you in prison almost instantly. Almost all Thai girls are slim, tiny and look young, so it’s easy to misidentify a minor for an adult. Checkout her ID before you arrange something with her.

Pattaya nightlife
Pattaya nightlife


Your Valuables

You can take these girls out to your hotel room or you can also rent a short time room available in the bars, but most importantly no matter you’re taking her, always watch out for your money and valuables. The number one most common problem relating to Pattaya prostitution is theft. While you are distracted or in the bathroom, the girl might just checkout your wallet and take your money or mess with your credit card.

If you happen to take the girl to your hotel room, you have to be extra careful because a lot of your belongings and valuables are in the room. Make sure before you even go out to the bar you have locked all your valuables in a safe. This will give you peace of mind knowing that all your money and important documents are safe even though the girl left before you wake up.

These extra precautions regarding your valuables are extremely important because once you’re missing something, even though you can find the girl again, most likely you won’t get your things back. These girls have people backing them up and you can’t go to the police either, because it’s like admitting that you have committed a crime.

Pattaya nightlife
Pattaya nightlife


Your Health

Obviously there is a health risk when you’re having sex with prostitutes, various sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS are still major threats of your health relating to Pattaya prostitution. Most hotels and bars in Pattaya are actually distributing condoms for free, and you are recommended to use them if you’re engaging with one of the Pattaya bar girls.

Even if the girl looks nice and clean, you shouldn’t just trust that nothing will happen after your short time encounter. Remember that each of these girls might involve with multiple sexual partners every night, and most of them do that kind of work everyday, so you can imagine just how many partners they have in a month or year. So it really is a huge health risk to have fun with these girls.

Even though STDs are very common risks associated with prostitution in Pattaya, male tourists from all over the world keep on coming to this region to experience its naughty nightlife fun. Pattaya has always been a fun destination for male tourists, but always remember the above precautions if you want to experience the sensation of Pattaya escorts so you can have a really enjoyable sexy holiday.

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