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Nightlife on Soi 6

There are several nightlife areas in Pattaya Thailand, and Walking Street is the most popular one. This area has so many nightlife venues of all kinds, from beer bars to nightclubs and go go bars and so much more. Even though some of the establishments on Walking Street Pattaya are known to feature ‘naughty’ entertainment, but Walking Street itself is not that much popular for its ‘naughtiness’. Instead when people want to experience a really naughty nightlife, usually they will go to Soi 6 Pattaya.

When your idea of enjoying nightlife is all about sexiness and naughty girls or even Pattaya ladyboy, then Pattaya soi 6 would be your ideal destination. In this area, almost every establishment is a bar with sexy girls that are usually very ‘friendly’ to say the least. Nearly the whole 350-meter-long area is filled with girlie bars with pink neon light, so we can say that the whole area is bathed in pink.

Most bars in this area have similar design with quite similar concept that sell naughtiness. Here are some of the most recommended naughty Pattaya bars in Soi 6:


Scooter’s Bar – Around Pattaya, the Scooter’s Brand has three venues, the other two are in Soi LK Metro and Soi Buakhao. Just like other venues in this area, Scooter’s Bar has lots of sexy girls with sexy outfits. The great thing about this place is that the girls are friendly but not being pushy. It makes Scooter’s Bar a great place to hangout and have a few drinks while you’re on the hunt for a sexy local girl.

Ruby Club – This is one of the biggest bars in the area located in the middle of the area. Sometimes referred to as a sports bar, even though actually it’s not even close to a sports bar. The reason why some people assume that it’s a sports bar is because it this venue has two big screen televisions with relaxing atmosphere. The girls are also friendly, while some might approach you a bit quickly to ask for a lady drink, but mostly they are fun to be with and not too pushy.

Pook Bar & GoGo – This ladyboy bar is very popular and considered to be the top ladyboy bar in Pattaya. Actually it’s located on Soi 6/1, but because this place is so big, it stretches all the way to Soi 6. Without a front wall or door, it may seem like a beer bar in a glance. It has about 30 staff that all are ladyboys and very popular as being a great place to party. There is always something interesting happens every single night in this venue.

Passion Dance Club – Being a nightlife area that’s known for its naughtiness, it’s actually a bit surprising to know that in Soi 6 there is only a handful of go go bars, and Passion Dance Club is one of the very few of go go bars in the area. This club as with other go go bars also have dance routines even though there’s nothing really special about it. The design of the building and interior layout are quite similar with most go go bars on Walking Street, with a center stage and bench seating around it. The stage has five poles with five girls performing at any one time. It’s a great place to hangout either just to enjoy drinks or to pick up a girl. Passion Dance Club is known for its cheap drinks (in go go bar standard), with lady drinks only at 120 Baht. But when compared to other establishments in Soi 6, this club is actually still on the expensive side.

Pattaya Girls
Pattaya Girls

Night Wish – This establishment is among the smallest bars on Soi 6, but don’t let the size fools you, because it’s actually the head of a bar chain that includes Toy Box, The Pussy Club, Horny Bar and Sexy in the City. This is actually the group of bars that organize the Soi 6 Weekend Party that is held annually every June. This small bar has a shop-house design with open style and simple décor. It really shows its class with excellent choice of beverages available and top-of-the-line sound system. Themed parties also regularly being held in this small bar.


Dolls – This bar is a crossover between a beer bar and a go go bar. It’s basically a beer bar but just like a go go bar it is enclosed and has air conditioner. However, the walls are made of glass so everything inside can be seen from the street.


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Pattaya Girls

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