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The Nightlife in Soi 6 Pattaya

Soi 6 Pattaya is probably the most popular area of Pattaya’s nightlife scene for single partygoers and those looking to get some sexy-wild experience. This area has so many wild venues with more than 80 bars that host the craziest parties you can find all night long and hundreds of beautiful Pattaya girls ready to entertain you. Almost every establishment in this area is a girlie bar and what makes it even more special is the girls in this area – no matter which venue you are in – are known to be very “friendly”. Almost the entire area is decorated with pink neon light that’s usually associated with girlie bars. Walking through the entire 350 meter length of the street, you will hear girls calling with seductive voice trying to get you in their venues every step of the way.

You can find just about every naughtiness you can think of in a nightlife scene in this area, from girlie bars, sexy shows, Pattaya ladyboys, even girls that you can pay for a ‘private party’ back in your room. That’s why for many visitors, Pattaya soi 6 is the red district of pattaya Thailand.


Soi 6 Bars

The bars in Soi 6 are mostly quite identical, with bright pink neon light, noisy bar with lots of girls in sexy dresses and a few guestrooms upstairs. Even though Soi 6 is a very popular area in Pattaya, but the prices in this area are still relatively low, even cheaper compared to other nightlife areas in like Walking Street Pattaya. Local beers are offered for about 70-85 Baht a bottle , while lady drinks are mostly just around 120-150 Baht.

This area is also known for being the earliest to start its activities. Most of the bars in this area are open before dark, many of them open their doors around 3 in the afternoon, some even open from 11 am. Below are some of the most notable bars in this area.

Dolls – Naturally this establishment is a beer bar, but the setup is much like a gogo bar, it’s enclosed and has air condition. But the walls are made of glass, so you can see everything inside from the street. Usually when you pass by the venue you will see girls dancing on small stages.

Night Wish Bar – It may look small, but this bar is actually the head of a chain of popular bars in the area, which include Toy Box, Sexy in the City, The Pussy Club, and Horny Bar. This chain of bars is also the initiator of the famous annual Soi 6 Weekend Party.


Passion Dance Club – If you want something different than typical gogo bars that you can find all over Soi 6, Passion Dance Club is a great alternative. While most bars in Soi 6 are generally look similar, this bar is more like one of the venues in Walking Street.

Pook Bar & GoGo – This is one of the most popular ladyboy bars in Pattaya. It quite stands out in Soi 6 because most ladyboy bars are situated in Soi 6/1. Actually this bar is located in Soi 6/1, but because it’s so big it stretches through to Soi 6. Without front wall or door, it looks a bit like a beer bar in a glance. This place is known for its great parties and being a fun place to hang out.

Ruby Club – Being one of the biggest venues in the area, Ruby Club is a great place to enjoy drinks or to look for girls. This place has many sexy girls that are always ‘updated’. If you come here often, you will always find fresh, young faces flirting with you.

Pattaya Girls
Pattaya Girls

Scooter’s Bar – This is also a great place to relax and have some drinks with a lot of sexy staff ready to flirt with you. What makes this place so comfortable is that even though the girls are fun and friendly, they are not ‘pushy’ like in many other venues, so you won’t have to deal with the pressure of buying lady’s drinks the minute you sit down on the bar.

Butterfly Bar – This bar has an interesting catch phrase “ Does size matter?”. While most men often worry about this question, you don’t have to worry about it because the girls in this bar absolutely don’t care about the size. The girls in this bar are really attractive and they offer great entertainment for their guests.



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